About Me

Deepak Bhoj is a versatile freelancer who offers services in both web design and video editing. With his expertise in web design, he creates visually appealing and user-friendly websites that cater to the needs of his clients. His video editing skills allow him to produce high-quality videos for various purposes, such as promotional, educational, and entertaining content. Deepak’s proficiency in both fields makes him a valuable asset for businesses and individuals looking for a one-stop solution for their digital needs.

My journey

I had started my work in media from 2005 with Dr. Parvez Imam, a Filmmaker / Director of f-20 Communications, as an Office Assistant.

It is there that I had learnt the process of film making step by step from Production to publishing. Due to my interest in the work, I started to learn the entire techniques of filmmaking like Sound Recording, Editing and Camera work and website development etc. 

In 2012 I also took a formal Photography Workshop conducted by Dr. Parvez Imam, that helped me to consolidate what I had already learnt. 

I was also an active part of Route Purple during 2008-2015 as an COORDINATOR & TEAM LEADER to organized nature activities like camp treks, workshops  etc.

Theatre show at Natya Kala Akademi - New Delhi
Image from Trek Bedni by Route Purple

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